End of term check list for Transition Year.

Hi All,

As we head towards Christmas at the end of what has been a very busy term, here is a “must have completed “check list.

Completion and submission of all schemes of work for all TY subjects and modules.

In an ideal world, this would be done and dusted before the end of September but as we all know this is not always possible. Everyone is so busy, there are so many pressures and there is so much to do in TY at the beginning of the school year that this particular job is often left half-finished at best with coordinators left with the unenviable task of trying to chase up teachers for schemes of work at the end of first term. However it is essential to have this completed properly as curricular work is a central plank of any successful TY programme. An entire blog could be devoted to this but at this stage it is still not too late and it is one area where sufficient time and resources are needed at the beginning of the year and where a little help from senior management and subject departments may be needed now. Do not allow it to drift into 2nd term incomplete.

Writing up the TY programme.

This should have been the first point as it includes the schemes of work but again it is essential for any TY programme. All the key components of the programme should be in place now from the TY mission statement through to the TY evaluation process. The TY programme is really the bible for all coordinators and if you are new to the position it is crucial that you take ownership of it and put your own stamp on it. Even at this stage if you find that the programme is not fully written up it is not too late. It is a “live“ document which is subject to constant change and an excellent template is available from the TY section of the PDST. Do not be afraid to get advice whether that be from our helpline, the PDST, the TYTPN , senior management, senior colleagues or TY support platforms such as tycoordinators@googlegroups.com.

TY assessment for 1st term.

At this stage if you operate a triple module in TY you may already have completed the first stage, if not you will be preparing for the half year assessment. A proper means of assessment and certification is as important in TY as in any other year group. This is an area that is sometimes overlooked in TY unfortunately and this can undermine the entire programme.  All need to know what the criteria for assessment are which links in with the schemes of work and all need to be fully informed now at the end of the term about progress to date. As in all other year groups this is an ongoing and equally important process and has to be treated as such by all in TY, students, teachers, parents, staff and senior management. To get the best out of TY this is important.

Complete reviews of service providers you have used which can be found at accessschoolsdirect.ie.

One of the most commonly asked questions among TY coordinators and teachers concerns which service and educational providers offer the best value to TY both educationally and financially. The most valuable advice obviously comes from fellow teachers and coordinators. That is why the review facility for teachers on the website offers a really important opportunity for teachers to help direct each other and help result in better outcomes for all in TY, especially the students. Please take time if at all possible to complete reviews of service providers you have used where appropriate, in time this can build up into a very important resource for teachers and schools in making the best decisions for their students and schools.


Finally have a very happy Christmas and a well deserved break. Finian.

Finian O'Connor

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