LCVP, LCA & Business – Heading into 2018

Hi all,

What a busy few months it has been for us all.

Here is a snapshot of where we are at and what we are planning for the coming busy weeks in ACS.


Business –

LCA ICT – ICT is a specialism for our LCAs in ACS. We complete the Mandatory ICT course in 5th year, and the Specialism ICT course across 5th and 6th year. I like to link in with the other courses the students are doing, as much as possible. The 5th years are currently working on their Art task, which will be examined at the end of January 2018. I started the Art task report with them in ICT class in November. It is a great way of the students applying the skills they have learned or are learning in ICT class. They then see that what they are learning is transferable! I will do the same with the Vocational Preparation Task and the Engineering Tasks in Session 2, if it is needed. I will anchor the ICT Specialism Task in Session 3 in 6th year. We have a great LCA teaching team in ACS, most of whom have been teaching LCA for many years. We like to link up and show cross-curricular links where we can. If students ask to work on other course work in our class, at a time when they feel under pressure to complete it, we like to be flexible and help them out.

Young entrepreneurs – it has been a busy few months for our young entrepreneurs as they prepare to represent ACS at the Meath County Final of the Student Enterprise Programme run by the Local Enterprise Office in March 2018. The idea generation, product development, marketing and sales are all completed or continuing. Students have started working on their business reports, which will be emailed off to the organisers, before mid-term in preparation for the County Final in March. We have found that having the young entrepreneurs’ extra-curricular activity is a fantastic way to showcase the Business subjects at our Open Evening in early October every year. It is a lot of work to have it up and running in 4 weeks at the start of the year, but it is worth it. As an option subject, we have to promote our subject well to keep numbers up in our classes. We will have companies in all 3 categories (Junior, Intermediate and Senior) again this year, which we are very proud of. It is definitely not about the winning, although we have had huge success, most recently in the past 2 years. The lessons learned by these young entrepreneurs will stay with them forever and hopefully lead them to business success in the future. Coordinating and working with the young entrepreneurs, all in their and your own time, is a lot of work and takes commitment. The more Department members involved to share the workload the better for all. We are lucky to have 3 of us in the Business Department to share this workload.

A few general points:

Finally, since mid-December 2017, I have been appointed as Programme Coordinator for TY, LCA and LCVP in ACS. I am excited at this new role, and aware of the hard work ahead. I am lucky to have hardworking and enthusiastic teaching teams in all 3 programmes. I also have a lot to live up to – as our previous Programme Coordinator was somewhat of a legend, an amazing colleague, and thankfully a friend. As I said in my first blog, I will not afraid to ask for advice or help when I need it, on this new journey. This new chapter will be a big change for me, from being Assistant Adult Education Director in ACS, which I have loved being involved in for over 11 years. I will keep you posted throughout the months ahead.

I hope that you have found this information helpful.

I wish you all health and happiness in 2018.


Caroline Mathews

Caroline Mathews

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