More than 50% of students say they check their phones regularly during class.

In over 20 years working with young people (30,000 students a year)  the 3 main issues teens say they really need help with are:

  1. Bullying: While this issue has always existed,  Social Media has greatly exaggerated it.  The ability and freedom others have to be nasty, hateful and threatening, particularly online, is having a hugely detrimental effect on our children.  Most students freely admit they are addicted to Social Media,  and most are happy to tell me that if ‘social media’ were gone altogether they would ‘breath easier’ and be a ‘lot happier’.

  2. Friendships:  The majority of young people I see feel that the overuse of social media has impeded their ability to engage face to face.  Friendships are played out online and almost every issue, whether general or very personal is dealt with through social media.  This usually involves the inclusion of far more people than would otherwise be the case, and the more people involved, the more isolated a young person can feel.

  3. Anxiety/Depression:   The rapid increase in young people who suffer from anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts or are self harming  is very worrying.  In every class I now visit,  many of the students have either suffered from one or more of these issues themselves or know someone who has.    Again, many of our young people put this down to the misuse of social media.


How do our teenagers feel we can help them?

Students are saying: