TY Advice line


The TY Advice Line is a support service to help you as co-ordinators and teachers in Transition Year.

Transition Year is unique to the Irish education system since its inception back in the 1970s and is now offered by over 600 secondary schools. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the world!

It offers incredible opportunities for everyone in the school community, mort especially students. However TY can create pressures and demands.

We have been involved in Transition Year in one capacity or another in Ashbourne C.S for almost 20 years, 10 of which Finian has been as co-ordinator and year head. We believe passionately in Transition Year but are very aware of the challenges it poses in terms of administration and coordination.

In the Advice Line we hope to help you with some of the day to day issues you may face in attempting to maximise the benefits of the year and point you in the direction of the solution to some of the bigger issues.


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