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Hi all,

As we head towards midterm I wish to chat to you about some upcoming TY events, beginning with the TYTPN conference which takes place in the Sheraton Hotel on Saturday the 24th of February. This is an event organised by the Transition Year Teachers Professional Network and offers the opportunity to get TY support in areas such as TY planning, check out what TY workshops and services are available and the chance to network with fellow TY teachers. As a TY coordinator and TY year head in the past I always found this TY conference very helpful in providing both new ideas and also encouragement especially as it is organised by TY teachers for TY teachers.

This year we will be in Athlone to explain how Access Schools Direct can help you both as a TY coordinator and as a TY teacher. Please come along to chat to us and see how we can be of assistance to you in making TY better both for you and your TY students.

In the meantime please do not forget to complete the teacher review facility on the website if you have used any of the services  on site. This can build into a very important TY resource which can help you see and decide on what is best for your TY students.

In the meantime enjoy your midterm and we look forward to seeing some of you at the TYTPN conference in Athlone.


Finian O'Connor

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